Gabriel Beaudoin Holds Winnipeg Juggling Workshop

June 7, 2017 Richasi

Gabriel Beaudoin – an exemplary juggler from Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Kurios’ –held a two hour juggling workshop on Monday, June 5th. This exhilarating event went from 8:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. at the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre.

People of all skill levels were welcomed to the event, where tips, a training session, and ‘exploratory juggling’ took place. Along with the hands-on aspect of the spectacle, participating jugglers also received insights from Beaudoin on his life and journey to becoming one of the greatest jugglers on the planet.

Beginning with regular ‘ball juggling’ Beaudoin had the attendees practice their 3-5 ball juggling for 20 minutes to kick off the festivities. Beaudoin then made his way around the room highlighting several different new moves to incorporate into regular juggling routines.

The one-handed ‘three ball toss’ quickly became a favourite of many of the participants, as Beaudoin’s clinic grew more and more difficult. The evening concluded with an interactive form of ‘combat club juggling’, where Beaudoin allowed the guests to try to take him down in a round-by-round styled game.

Beaudoin, now 24, went to school for nine years in Quebec to perfect his juggling and entertainment techniques, and was the youngest member of the Kurios production at the time of its debut in 2014 (21).

But for Beaudoin, juggling wasn’t always his priority.

In an interview in Seattle, Beaudoin spoke of how it was his constant fidgeting and hyperactive personality that got him thinking about the circus.

“When I was young I was really troubled, as a kid with a lot of energy, always moving around you know?” Beaudoin said. “Always talking, always hyper. I have some hyperactivity problems. What I love the most about juggling is that I’m a really hyperactive guy, and juggling gives me this calm. I can use my energy in a really specific way, and it teaches me how to focus really well. How to be in the present and in the right place.”

Not only did Beaudoin provide insight into his own childhood, but also gave thought towards those who – much like he did – struggle to remain on task while battling the issues surrounding hyperactivity and other such issues.

“For all the kids at home who have problems with being all over the place all the time, if you want to find something to focus you, you can juggle, maybe you can do piano, but just find a passion,” he said. “That’s what juggling is for me. That’s the thing that gives me what I needed in my life to have the right path, and now I’ve got it and I’m passionate. Circus is a good mix of everything. It’s athletic, it’s also really creative. It’s a mix of art and sport. That’s what I needed.

”Beaudoin and his act can be seen with Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios – A Cabinet of Curiosities, under the big blue and yellow top at Kenaston and Sterling Lyon until June 9th. Tickets for the remaining shows start at $40, and can be purchased here.

Click here to see more of Gabriel Beaudoin and his remarkable juggling abilities:

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